Light Sail, OH GOD WHY and some grindcore




  • Maggot Cave - Pub Full Of Maggots

    Grindcore from Sydney, Australia. 6 minutes and 52 seconds of angry loud nonsense, what's not to love.

    (Pay-what-you-want for the digital, $3+ for the CD)

  • Street Cleaner - Annihilation

    And for something completely different, here's some outrun/synthwave from San Diego. Reminds me of a cd with demos and mod files that I had in the 90s



  • Diamond Dogs by Alastair Reynolds.

    This is a part of compilation called "Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days" (and the second part is called Turquoise Days), two rather short novellas within the Revelation Space universe. While the "main sequence" revelation space books are hard sci-fi space opera kind of things, this one is small and more contained, and reminds me of Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys. Which is not surprising, as Diamond Dogs itself references Rogue Moon.

Life stuff

After this post expect a couple of weeks of hiatus, as I'll be spending my summer vatation in Czech Republic at Brutal Assault summer festival, and then at my parents' place.