The best medieval snails rendering bicycle supernests in human skin


  • The Best Refactoring You've Never Heard Of

    TL;DR: defunctionalize the continuation!

  • The PGP Problem

    TL;DR: no solution in sight (just "use signal" is not a solution).

    Neat quote:

    Take AEAD ciphers: the Rust-language Sequoia PGP defaulted to the AES-EAX AEAD mode, which is great, and nobody can read those messages because most PGP installs don’t know what EAX mode is, which is not great

  • Web Rendering Proxy, youtube

    An idea so horrible it works: this makes modern websites work on almost any browser (e.g. IE 1.5, of all things) by rendering them server-side and providing the browser with a GIF ismap image.



  • 5 Composers, 1 Theme (youtube)

    This just kind of appeared in my recommendations, and I was not disappointed. 5 composers were asked to orchestrate a (somewhat silly) theme for a given orchestra. The results are quite different, and I liked them all.

  • Agnar - Summer Insomnia

    Speaking of floppycasts, here's a floppy album! In fact, a whole label of these ._.

    (I happen to have one floppy music album myself, it's a split disk by two local grindcore bands, with total playtime of 36 seconds)