Ottoman floating point zip bombs on the moon


  • Floating point routines for 6502 by Woz

    (direct link)

  • A better zip bomb; NON-RECURSIVE zip-bombs that extract from 42 kB to 5.5 GB, from 10MB to 281TB, or from 46MB to 4.5PB (last one is Zip64 and not as compatible). Non-recursive means you get that amount of date in a single extract operation.

    Not quite useful information, but interesting nonetheless.



  • Excalibur / Adventuron

    An online text adventure, in ZX Spectrum visual style, and a tool to create one of your own!

    (Didn't dig into this deep enough, sadly; might write an update later)

  • Grid Cartographer — a tool to create maps for your tabletop and computer games

    Steam, Site, Twitter

    (via @ben_304)


  • Felix Marc - Substance

    (bandcamp, also available on Spotify, iTunes, amazon music, YouTube Music, Google play, Deezer, any Russian MP3 pirate server and NSA databases)

    Sad and beautiful dark wave/synth pop album from Germany, that you have to buy digitally and burn on your own CD-r

  • Grindmother - Age of Destruction

    And for something completely different, here's some old-style grindcore, so old-style their vocalist is, like, 70 years old or something.