Horrifying Satanic Space Colonies: Odyssey




  • Gorelord - Force Fed On Human Flesh

    This death metal album by Necrophagia's once-guitarist Frediablo (featuring guest vocals by Necrophagia's late front-man Killjoy) was an album that I have somehow missed previously.

    Although it was released couple of years before The Divine Art of Torture, so it's more of a predecessor, I guess?

    Missing are Mirai Kawashima's chilling synth works. Or, really, any synths. If that's your thing. Still, it's quite nice.

  • desert drone cycle by cristopher cichocki

    Some nice and chilled drones, available on tape and digitally



  • Borrowed Super Mario Odyssey from a friend at work, started playing it. Looks and plays nice, not very hard.

    One may call it a bab game, not a schut one.


  • Reading The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space by Gerard K. O'Neill, since it acquired some new interest lately (e.g. Jeff Bezos's talk on the subject), and it reads like half science fiction and half talk in front of the Congress or something (and, in fact, was both of these). Very romantic, and I do hope we'll colonize the space some day. As opposed to perishing somewhere in 2050s, at least.