Can't unsee these insecure Wordpress plugins


  • Water is still wet. In other news, wordpress plugin ecosystem is still trash a ball of slimy writhing unspeakable horrors.

    TL;DR: If you ever used anything from these "pipdig" guys on your wordpress or blogger site, please stop asap.

    I personally recommend switching to Hugo instead (do as I say, not as I do; you generally don't need the complexity of Gatsby).

  • Just throwing it out there: Disk encryption for low-end hardware, Linux Journal



  • Skyminds by Skyminds (available digitally and on cassette from auasca)

    Quite pleasant drone/ambient with some bluesy/desert rock kind of tunes.

    "Desert Winds" track reminds me of Fallout 2 a bit, so there's that.

Art, also music


  • TES Arena Remapped

    This may sound like a custom maps set for TES: Arena, but it is not.

    In fact it's just a custom keyboard map for DosBOX to get modern WASD-style controls etc.

  • Can't Unsee


  • Martian Time-Slip by Philip K. Dick

    Starts as silly Mars colonization sci-fi, ends up deep in scizophrenia and mindfuckery. Exactly what I like to read.

  • How We'll Live on Mars by Stephen L. Petranek

    And for something (a bit) more realistic, here's this TED Book about future Mars colonisation (already dated, even though it was published in 2014 iirc).