Doom, Fire and Wombats





  • The Ultimate Tape Archive (C64)

    A collection of C64/C128 tapes digitized and with scans. Playable in browser!


  • Mortal Kombat X, or XL, or whatever.

    It was cheap on Steam, so I got it, and now have mixed feelings about it.

    On one hand, there's more things in it, like, characters and moves and fatalities (if you get the XL version, that is).

    On the other hand, the single-player story mode is way too short (took me 5 hours on medium difficulty), and the "towers" mode is way too stingy with the in-game currency by comparison, so it'll take a lot of grinding to unlock all the unlocks (which can also be "conveniently" unlocked via a microtransaction. Ugh)