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  • C is Not a Low-level Language

    All programming languages are abstractions, in some way. Even simplistic ones, like C and x86 assembly, are now quite far from the bare bones of the hardware (at least, in the x86-world) -- there's just too many layers of intermediate translations and optimizations that the CPU does by itself.

    RISC architectures are better in that regard, as even x86 CPUs are RISC-like internally nowadays (or so they say), so at least it's more transparent that way.

    Then again, as merely a front-end guy, I'm probably not the one to talk. Read the article instead.



  • Necrophobic - Mark of the Necrogram (spotify, amazon), a fast and furious black/death metal (as one may deduce from the band name, album title and the cover art).

    Highlights: easily Tsar-Bomba.

    Seen them perform live, also bought the CD.


As for art, here's two depressive japanese artists on twitter:


  • Land of the Lustrous, a manga series that is qiute stylishly drawn.

    I got the first five volumes of it DRM-free in a humble bundle, but I'm not sure if that's currently an option.

    (Not that any of my two or so readers would have any troubles finding it DRM-free guerilla-style, if you know what I mean)

Technical updates

  • The CSS should now follow the browser's preferred theme (light or dark). I'm not sure how it works, so whether if it does or not, please let me know.

    A handy guide by David Walsh