Links and updates

In this post, I will try and gather some interesting stuff I found around the internets.

  • Event sourcing is hard. I used to work on an large product which was based on event-sourcing, and can agree on many points made by the author. It was very fun, but also a lot of pain.

    I guess, eventually, when the right tooling will be sourced, it will be usable... (Apache Kafka/Zamza come to mind; then again, it were these exact things that made us consider event-sourcing in the first place)

  • Anguish from rare noise records, an experimental mix of hip-hop and dark jazz improvisations.

  • The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds. Also a mix, but of hard sci-fi and murder mystery. Technically this book is in the same universe as his Revelation Space trilogy, but it's quite separate and reading other books is not required.

  • The Long History of the Mind-Bending ‘Tiny Planet’ Panorama, from Atlas Obscura

The only non-post update to this site is I've changed the "background" color in its manifest to my "brand" color, that is, #da5f51.