Hello and welcome to my personal space, where I will probably post random links for, like, two people to notice.

I made it using gatsby.js, and the experience was OK. In retrospect I think I should've used some better starter, and not try and bend the default one to my will. Oh well.

This whole thing seems to be working, so yay.

Here's a list of things that I still have to do at some point:

  • The posts page currently shows a list of all posts. This is fine for now, but surely in some distant future there will be more than, say, 10 posts and it'll require some sort of pagination.
  • The CV: I just copied it from the old version of this site without much retouching. Who cares, I'll update it when I need to :/
  • I should probably make a list of my pet projects? Except my old garbage games, who needs those.