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December 2020 post!

Haven’t posted in a while, so here’s a bunch of stuff all at once!

Received a letter (thanks F.), sent a letter (hopefully it arrives!). I like sending mail, maybe I should reactivate my postcrossing account (is postcrossing still a thing?).

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I have watched some movies, most notably (hence, best remembered) 1971’s Vanishing Point and 1987’s The Running Man.

Vanishing Point (1971)

I believe it’s a cult muscle car movie. How would I know for sure? I think I first heard about it when I was watching the Roadkill show. So it would go to my “Roadkill” collection, if I had one. I probably should make one. I like making lists.

Anyway. A pumped-up (with drugs) dude, named Kowalski, makes a bet that he’d deliver a pumped-up (with supercharger and speed parts) Dodge Challenger across the US in less than 15 hours. I think there’s an actual route one may follow in their own 1970 dodge challenger, if one were so inclined. It’s basically a movie-long cop chase scene with brief breather moments, as one review said, and I agree.

Main character explodes in the end.

Naked Killer (1992)

It’s a Hong Kong “category III” movie (not really sure what it entails), but it’s definitely classier than its title. A girl witnesses a professional killer at work, and has to become a killer herself. Her policeman love interest searches for her. Some other stuff happens. They both explode in the end.

The Running Man (1987)

In a bleak dark dystopian future of 2017 (yeah) Arnie has to fight souped-up (with steroids) futuristic glatiators with his bare hands. It’s a typical Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, with lots of action and great one-liners. This one is straight up there in my “feel-good” list. Even though I don’t watch it that often. Maybe if I did I’d feel good more often…

The antagonist explodes in the end.