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Journaling, SciADV, Some more articles

It’s been a while, eh.

So I’ve been journaling. So far it’s been quite useful. Like a crutch, it helps me forget… less.

I’ve also been playing/reading visual noves from the Science Adventure series: so far I’m done with Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate, and on my way throught Robotics;Notes. As re-reading the same text for the nth time is quite boring, and the auto-skip feature in the latter seems to be broken (as in, skips not only the text I’ve already read, but EVERYTHING), the guide from Committee of Zero has been very useful.

The “smart speaker” project is in a permanent working prototype stage at the moment. As in, it works, but instead of being neatly confined in a single case, it’s currently unneatly rat’s-nested together. Still, it chills in the corner and plays nujabes from a network share, so what else would I want?

Upgraded my NAS to two 12TB drives (upward from two 4TB ones) in what I called a Theseus’s RAID-1 manuever. (As RAID-1 is resilient against losing a single drive, you can replace one, then repair the RAID, then replace another drive, then enlarge the partition). “Using worst-case scenario”, as a friend said. Anyway, this took about a day but it’s all fine now!

And now, for some articles I’ve found interesting in the meantime: